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Get to know our team of IT specialists, our philosophy, and find out what you can trust us with regarding your IT projects.

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We connect exceptional people

Aardwark already has more than 100 experienced IT consultants, architects, analysis and software engineers certified in the latest technologies.

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Many years of valuable experience

Thanks to extensive experience and valuable know-how, we have been delivering innovative and functional IT solutions for more than 10 years. Satisfied clients include international companies from the banking, insurance, energy and automotive industries.

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We are a growing Slovak company that unites exceptional people and gives them ample room to enjoy their work and further develop their expertise.

Together we deliver extra value to our clients with the ambition of becoming the leader in the IT consulting world.

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Our values

We are proud to share these values throughout the company.

Aardwark’s values represent a mutual relationship with our clients and with our employees.

1 Openness

We are open and friendly to each other both in our team and in our company as well as when in contact with our clients.

2 Development

We are pleased when our employees have the desire to continue developing within their field and this is why we fully support them. Together, we can grow and offer our clients improved and more functional IT solutions.

3 Understanding

We understand and accommodate each other at Aardwark. The same goes for our clients. We always find a common way to make our clients and employees happy.

4 Fairness

We insist that all agreements with our clients and employees are fair and we adhere to them. This is why our clients and employees trust us.

5 Joy

We are a team that unites quality and experienced people. We enjoy what we do. This is what allows us to offer the right IT solutions to our clients.


Vladim├şr Orl├şk obr├ízok Vladim├şr Orl├şk

Managing Partner

Peter Girovsky obr├ízok Peter Girovsk├Ż

Managing Partner

Michal Holub obrázok Michal Holub

Financial Manager

Zoltan Bachnak obr├ízok Zolt├ín Bach┼ł├ík

BPM Lead

Peter Kontris obrázok Peter Kontriš

Outsourcing and HR Lead

Michal Holecka obr├ízok Michal Hole─Źka

IT Development Lead

Igor Furdik obr├ízok Igor Furd├şk

Sales Lead

Gabriel Olekšák obrázok Gabriel Olekšák

DevOps, Cloud Lead

Andrea Sirova obr├ízok Andrea ┼á├şrov├í

Marketing Manager

Tatiana Hornakova obrázok Tatiana Hornáková

Recruitment Team Lead

Michal Bartko obrázok Michal Bartko

HR Consultant

Adriana Vrzgulova obrázok Adriana Vrzgulová

Back Office Manager

Czech Republic

Lubos Kulhanek obrázok Luboš Kulhánek

Branch Manager

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