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BPM – Process automation

We are BPM experts, fully immersed in the world of Business Process Management. Initially, we embarked on our BPM journey with IBM BPM, and subsequently expanded our portfolio to include another low-code platform – Pega. Our team comprises numerous certified experts in both IBM BPM and Pega technologies and is ready to assist you. Looking for a nearshore partner? You’ve come to the right place.

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As pioneers in the BPM industry for over a decade, we have consistently maintained our position as market leaders.

Require an accomplished expert to strengthen your team? In search of a dependable and cost-effective nearshore partner? Our team of BPM experts – including analysts, testers, developers and architects – is fully at your disposal. Our team members are versatile and can serve as project managers, delivery managers or agile coaches. Are you interested in assembling a team of seasoned experts? Let us know.



IBM, a renowned BPM giant, is trusted by numerous companies worldwide across various industries, including insurance, banking and more.

We have acquired extensive knowledge and experience through collaborative projects with IBM in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany and Switzerland. We meticulously evaluate and analyse each use case, providing tailored recommendations on the optimal utilisation of BPM.

Use case

Automation of back-office processes to minimise manual involvement, accelerate operations and optimise overall efficiency

Added Value:

  • We achieve a remarkable 50% acceleration in process speed.
  • We enable real-time response capabilities to promptly address customer requests.

“Aardwark has supplied us with an exceptional team of experts who have elevated our processes to new heights.”

With Aardwark’s assistance, we have successfully streamlined a critical step in our process – requirement categorization. By automating customer identification at the point of entry, we have significantly reduced the manual work for our colleagues, resulting in a 50% reduction in request categorisation efforts. This capacity-saving approach enables our colleagues to dedicate their efforts to processing straightforward requests instead of labour-intensive categorisation tasks.”

Ing. Mária Prčík Fedorová
Back Office Lead


Pega BPM

Pega BPM offers a unique perspective on process management, which is why it is rapidly gaining in popularity. Pega’s approach diverges from traditional heavy programming and embraces the utilisation of low-code development.

With our expertise in Pega and a wealth of experience serving customers, particularly in the DACH region, we are a trustworthy partner for your nearshore delivery needs.

Use case

The Corona-Hilfe project, implemented on the Pega platform, provides crucial assistance to companies and freelancers during the COVID-19 pandemic

  • The project has successfully supported thousands of companies and tradesmen in obtaining timely subsidies, enabling them to overcome the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis.
  • The Corona-Hilfe program has significantly streamlined the process of requesting, submitting, assessing and processing payments for COVID-19 claims.
  • In a span of two years, the Corona-Hilfe program has disbursed over EUR 7.3 billion.

“Aardwark supplied us with an exceptional team of experts who played a pivotal role in the successful accomplishment of our highly challenging project objectives.”

“Thanks to their invaluable experience and guidance, we successfully met rigorous technical and quality standards, as well as demanding deadlines, in our extensive projects related to COVID assistance programs. The culmination of these efforts resulted in an exceptional customer experience.”

Klaus Santel
Executive Director, Digital Communications

“Business Process Management offers a functional solution for optimising business processes across diverse company types.

With our unwavering dedication to BPM, we are delighted to provide guidance and develop workflows that align with your specific requirements.”

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Place your trust in the capable hands of our skilled IT professionals

We have experience

With over a decade of experience in Business Process Management, we have successfully supported numerous projects across Europe.

Our large and qualified team can handle any task

We can recommend suitable experts and assemble a qualified team. In short, you can fully rely on our experts.

Nearshore doesn’t scare us

Looking for a nearshore partner? No need to look any further! Leverage our expertise in the nearshore concept for the DACH region.

Long-term partnerships are our success stories

Our most loyal customers have been working with us for many years. Our enduring partnerships and consistent trust validate our exceptional performance. Join the ranks of our customers.

Stability is the core principle we uphold

We see our colleagues as our partners. Our open and personal approach has fostered a team with deep expertise and stability.

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In what way do we provide services?

Individual Rental of IT Experts

We will supplement your team with the necessary specialist. Collaboration can be long-term, as well as flexible through ad-hoc consultations.

Rental of Entire Teams

We will help you assemble an entire team to cover your project or its parts. Efficiency is high within a coordinated team of selected experts who will cover project management, analysis, architecture, development, testing, and operation.

24/7 Operation

We provide SLA services and long-term operation and support for services, applications, and customer platforms. The SLA is tailored, and the customer pays for the specifically agreed-upon level of support as a service.

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Need help with app integration? Looking for new and better IT solutions? Planning to modernise your existing processes? Feel free to reach out to us. 🤙

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Zoltán Bachňák BPM Lead

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