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BPM – Process automation

Streamline your business processes with BPM.
Rely on the number one in process automation in Slovakia and get advice from our team of experts. 🤝

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We have been one of the leaders in the field of business process management for more than 10 years

Aardwark designs and implements process automation from simple process solutions to fully automated process solutions as well as complex, multi-level approval processes.

Process automation

An effective solution to help you increase performance and eliminate errors

BPM (business process management) focuses on the correct identification of business processes, their recording, and streamlining.

It provides companies with control over existing processes, flexibility when making changes, and a high level of efficiency when making improvements. It also delivers a wide rate of automation opportunities, advanced automated decision-making, robotisation and digitalisation.

What do you stand to gain?

Thanks to BPM, you streamline the entire work process from its initial phase to the control and analysis of the entire project. Correctly defining your workflow allows you to respond more quickly and easily to changes that occur in your company or industry.

Benefits of process automation services

Business process management is a functional solution for optimising business processes for all types of companies. 👍

I am interested in this service

Competitive advantage

Recognise future opportunities on your market and respond to changes faster than your competitors thanks to well-designed business processes.

Save time

Save valuable time for yourself and your employees and simplify your business processes. The right configuration and management allow them to become faster, more consistent and more efficient.

Efficient business processes

Identify errors, improve and refine your day-to-day business activities. BPM helps you increase your business performance by optimising your business processes.

Gain control

BPM provides companies with control over the existing processes, flexibility when making changes and a high level of efficiency in making additional improvements.

Opportunities for automation

In today’s age of information technology, BPM is the first prerequisite for a broad range of new opportunities for automation, advanced automated decision-making, robotisation and digitalisation.

Maximise profit and reduce costs

Effective process management and optimisation ultimately reduce costs and help increase business revenue.

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“Aardwark provided us with a team of experts who helped us take our processes to the next level.”

Thanks to Aardwark, we managed to streamline a key step in our process: request categorisation. We streamlined the manual work of our colleagues by automating customer identification at the time of entry, thereby halving the time needed to categorise requests. Of course, this saves on capacity and our colleagues are now free to focus on processing simple requests instead of the more labour intensive categorisation.

Mária Prčík Fedorová
Back Office Department Manager
Východoslovenská energetika a. s.