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IT development

Take advantage of the experience of the consultants in application development and leverage your IT investment. 🤝

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Implementation of a complete IT project from the initial phase to a successful conclusion

We use the following platforms: 

WebSphere MQ Kafka IBM App Connect Enterprise JAVA JAVA Spring Angular React Python

More than 10 years of experience in the design, implementation and operation of integrated solutions make us the ideal partner for message-oriented middleware, API management and micro services.

In addition to complete project implementation, we offer additional services, including training, solution design audits, performance testing and more.


Functional solutions for all companies looking to streamline their performance

Companies use more and more IT applications to automate their business.

Integrating vendor services, migrating to a microservices architecture and migrating to the cloud have now become standard and deliver flexibility and accelerated development.

What do you stand to gain?

Modernising your existing applications and migrating to microservices allows you to leverage your current investment and discover new opportunities at your own pace, all while reducing the complexity of processes and costs.

Benefits of IT development services 

IT development helps companies differentiate from their competitors, embrace innovations and further expand while gaining more secure, productive and efficient process settings. 👍

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Keep your project under control

When implementing a project, we prioritise an agile approach to ensure clients are kept informed of the progress from the initial phase to the completion of the project.

Rely on quality

The quality of delivered services is critical to us and so we carefully guard it from the very first moment. We use peer reviews, CI/CD, static code analysis and automated test.

Get the best on the market

We use a Cloud native approach in application development and Azure and AWS cloud service platforms.


Flexibility and development speed

Smaller, independently completable parts of solutions facilitate more rapid development. Every service can have a separate lifecycle. These are factors that contribute to rapid development.

Focus on the solution

The implementation of message-orientated middleware allows you to focus on the essence of the solution. Infrastructure ensures communication with other parts of the application.

Data quality

Middleware is the ideal place to implement data validation. Incorrect or incomplete records are detected during transmission. Middleware solutions help you to avoid the costly deletion of such data from target systems.

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We will help you with application development, the deployment of new IT solutions, the modernisation of traditional business applications and their connection with new applications. 🤙

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Michal Holečka IT Development Lead