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DevOps and Cloud

Solutions that help deliver products and services to your customers faster, better and at optimal cost.

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Comprehensive DevOps and Cloud services that will take your business to a new level

At Aardwark, we have extensive experience in developing and running applications on various platforms. We provide comprehensive DevOps services and Cloud solutions.

Thanks to our IT solutions, we help our customers exploit their benefits, reduce infrastructure costs and increase efficiency.

DevOps and Cloud

Find opportunities to scale your IT needs based on your business requirements

Infrastructure is now able to adapt to changing conditions and demands almost instantaneously thanks to Cloud computing. You reduce your costs and only pay for what you actually use.

The data centres of Cloud service providers are subjected to regular security audits so your data is safe and always available.

What do you stand to gain?

With advanced DevOps tools, you can replicate your infrastructure in minutes, creating an environment for your development team to allow them to fully focus on the development of new functionalities for your clients.

DevOps tools and methodologies help developers significantly reduce the time needed to release new versions of products your customers rely on.

Benefits of DevOps and Cloud services

Digitising information and storage in data centres saves space. This data is also integrated and centralised, giving companies easy, safe and secure access whenever they need it. 👍

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Cost optimisation

Reduce your IT infrastructure costs using Cloud solutions and only pay for what you actually use.


Cloud services are backed up multiple times in data centres

in dozens of places around the world.

Data security

The infrastructure of cloud services is designed and managed in accordance with the best security practices and standards.


Cloud services always provide you with the computing power and storage space you need.


DevOps methodology enables you to turn ideas into a finished product faster and more efficiently.


DevOps tools can repeatedly test and deploy solutions under development, making it much easier to fix bugs and issues earlier in the process.

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